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I wanted to test the Java framework Vaadin and to make this more interesting (and perhaps somehow useful), I decided to implement the of the game The Lord of the Rings Online by Turbine and create an armory/arsenal where the user can easily compare characters. I chose Castor XML as XML framework.

Unfortunatelly the is not always accessable and sometimes disabled by Turbine, so that it is not possible to get information from the server. Because of that I recently implemented a method to load “old” data from the local database by enabling the checkbox “Use local database”.
Furthermore the API is also not complete and not able to provide all data (e.g. newer items are often unavailable).

Possible test data:
Server: [DE-RP] Belegaer
Character: Gorothir
Enable checkbox “Use local database” if error occurs (which means that the is not available at this moment).

Link to LOTROArmory

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