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Really old: job application

After I finished my schooldays, I did not want to create an ordinary job application like everyone else, so I decided to develop something in Java. Perhaps this makes sense if you want to apply for a job as Java Software Engineer. I created an own LookAndFeel to make my job application look custom and added all relevant information like certificates and curriculum vitae.

At the first step I built a CD containing a JRE, my .class-files, autorun-information and a start.bat for Windows and sent this to the companies I wanted to work for. The application was quite successful, so I extended it for following job applications: I added extra detailled information about projects and a possibility to print all information using Apache FOP over the time. With the increasing spread of the internet, I provided it via Java Web Start technology.

The last and latest version is still online (unfortunately only in german): Bewerbung
Because of the printing functionality it is necessary to permit accessing the system when starting up.

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